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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Marlboro eXperience


X was invited by the Marlboro to join a super fun-filled, exciting and thrilling event. He was also entitled to bring a +1, which explains my presence in the event. :)

When we heard about this, we were a bit hesitant to believe that it's really happening. We didn't join any contest, fill out an application form of some sort, but then they're saying We just want you to have The Marlboro eXperience.

Come July 31, we found ourselves in TGIF's having breakfast after we registered for the whole event.
That's not us. :)
After some welcome remarks, we were ushered to a coaster that will take us to a version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but this time a factory full of cigarettes and minus the Umpa Lumpa.
The RED team

It was a quick trip as we had road escorts (is that how you call these cops?). We were in Batangas in less than an hour.
That's Me & X on the third row
Another briefing was needed to inform us of the house rules, and the fun-filled activities we will be having the whole day.

We went for a plant tour (I have few pictures, which was provided by the event organizer), as we were not allowed to take pictures during the tour.
The Different Types of Tobaco (right?)
After the tiring yet very informative plant tour, we were treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet.

A briefing on the do's and don'ts of Karting and Remote Control (RC) Racing was held right after we had lunch.

We were all excited to head out the race track, the soft drizzles was not a hindrance to up our energy levels.
Complete gear, with raincoats on.
Our team first tried the RC Racing. When looking at it, it looked easy and boring. But believe me, when you're holding the controller, you'll be wildly running after your mini 4x4. It was super-fun!

Next stop was the race track. It was also my first time to try karting and I was a bit scared and excited at the same time. We were allowed to do a few laps for practice. While I was driving, I thought I was going too fast and was major scared that my kart will spin or something (Yeah, I know I'm really scared and paranoid). After driving, X told me that I wasn't that fast. "Ang bagal mo kaya!".
Here I Am!
Am I Really That Slow? :(
We can take home everything except the suit. :)

It was almost dinner time when we had the awarding. Too bad our team didn't win. But it was still a great experience to do the karting and RC racing.
More Giveaways!

You think that's all there was? You're wrong, we were again ushered to the coaster to go to Pontefino Hotel where we'll be staying.
The Room
After a few minutes of rest and relaxation, dinner came. Then we went to Alexie Bar & Resto to party! Bottomless Drinks. Overflowing Pica-picas. Live Performances. It surely was a great night!
But wait, there's more. We were shuttled back to our hotel to enjoy a good night (err, good morning) sleep. Breakfast was waiting when we went down the hotel lobby.

Come lunch time, it was time to say "Bye bye hotel".

Whew! So much fun, right?

And just when we thought it was over, I received a call from Marlboro asking for the correct spelling of my name, and where I wanted to have my giveaways delivered. Last Tuesday, I got these freebies!

I hope you, too, can experience The Marlboro eXperience next time. 

Thank you, Marlboro.


  1. Im not a smoker but I want to experience this. hehehe.. :P

  2. Ooooohhh great! Thanks for your blog! Now I'm uverrrrr excited! Tanauan, Batangas, here we come!!! Please correct me if I'm wrong, have you had your TMX over 2 days only, as I understand from your blog? Or same 3 days we're having this coming weekend? hehehe...Ü

  3. weeeee...... its our turn tomorrow to get ready....


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