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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloopers. Bloopers.

I've never heard so much bloopers in one night.

This resulted to nonstop laughs. Rolling over on the floor. Achy tummies.

While playing Blackjack (21)...
T: Bakit ba kailangan 21? Hindi ba puwede 23 or 25?

When someone showed her cards for a WIN, an Ace and a Jack (or was it a Q or K?)...
X: O bakit, un Jack ba puwede din na 20 un value?

Playing Trivial Pursuit...
How many years did Sleeping Beauty fall asleep under the spell?
Answer: 100 years
X: Si Sleeping Beauty ba un? Hindi ba si Snow White?
W: Hindi siya un. Pero natulog din siya, mas sandali nga lang.
X: Ah kasi, diba un elves sa paligid nya?
ALL: Elves???

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