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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The TV and Papa

There was TV technician a while ago in our living room. It was Papa who requested for the TV to be checked because watching TV is one of his pastimes, the other would be listening to AM radio in the mornings.

I remembered a few years back, when the purpose of our computer is only to do projects, school works, and not play games. When I didn't have yet a laptop or the other PC, during Sundays, we would always crowd in front of the TV to watch any TV show. We'd always ask Papa to switch back to Channel 2 or 7, because he ALWAYS wants to watch Tukaan Na, (a show on cockfighting).

We always end up winning and getting to watch the shows we wanted. However, Papa would not leave the sofa and would try to tease us by making funny and silly (and repetitive) comments. He'd criticize the celebrities, the show itself, and would always preempt what would happen next.

Here are his favorite lines. Through repetition, we all know this by heart na. We usually mimic him when we see these artistas.

(on Vina Morales) "Ang panget talaga mag-damit nyan"
(on Gary V) "O, buhay pa yan?"
(on Paolo Contis) "Ang yabang talaga nyan. Yan un sa 'Okidoki Dok' diba"
(on Mickey Ferriols) "Sabi sayo sisikat yan eh, marunong ako tumingin ng magaling eh"
(on Cesar Montano) "Wala na, lugi na un Singing Bee. Matatanggal na un."
(on ANY TV series) He's first tell what will happens next (usually just stating the obvious), then when it happens "Sabi sayo, ganon mangyayari eh. Dapat ako na lang director nyan eh"

We'd always smile when we hear these lines. Kahit paulit-ulit, nakakatawa lang.

And back to present day. I wonder, with me busy with my laptop. With my sister not home (but usually is busy with school work when at home), does Papa miss our kulitan in front of the TV?
New Year 2009
With our DIY backdrop. hahaha!

Well, me? I miss it. 

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  1. Naku, bigla kong namiss ang dad ko. :( Mahilig din kasi yun manood ng cockfights eh. Big sabungero yun. Yun lang ata naging bisyo nya eh. Well advise ko lang is to make use of your time with him (or your parents) before you miss it. Dad ko nga never ko na nakasama manood ng ASAP eh. Kaya ibalik na yang ritual na yan. You should never be busy when it comes to family. :)


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